Career Guidance @ NMS

Career Guidance

Career Guidance at NMS begins in a structured manner from Grade 8. The outline is as below:

  • Financial Literacy lessons for Grade 8 students
  • Global Futures Curriculum from Singularity University for Grade 9 students
  • IIT/JEE coaching (Competitive Examinations coaching for entrance to Engineering and Medical courses in India)
  • CISCO courses including Internet of Things and CCNA during afterschool lessons
  • Participation in various regional and international events including Model United Nations (ThaiMUN  and local MUNs), NMS hosted MUN, Business Simulations, Innovation Challenges, Theatre Festivals, Literature Festivals etc.,
  • Career Mapping Assessment (Interests, Abilities and Aspirations)  
  • Regular sessions from Career Counselors on different pathways and destinations of study
  • Internship programmes sourced by school (opportunities to test-drive various careers)

Presentation from representatives of the University of Bath, UK.

Focus: Engineering (Robotics)


Insightful discussions by students to evaluate the opportunities at NMS to prepare its students to be future ready. 


Future Ready: Senior students intern with Medeor 24x7 Hospital, Kieta Catering etc., during the winter break. Students are encouraged to participate in a minimum 5 days of internship during the school year.


NMS is now an authorized IELTS Test Centre ,by the British Council.

GEMS students can register for their IELTS exam from the school and take the test also from the school.

It’s made so easy and convenient for our students.